Abbey Lane Staff


Mrs Maxine Stafford

  • Deputy Headteacher

    Position Vacant
  • Assistant Headteachers

    Mr D Robinson

    Mrs D Bierton
  • Foundation Stage & Foundation Stage Leader

    Mrs S Winslow
  • Reception

    Mrs S Winslow
    Miss V Hanvere
    Mrs E Seamarks
  • Key Stage One

  • KS1 Leader

    Mrs D Bierton
  • Year 1

    Mrs C Leach-Leeson
    Miss S Noton
    Mrs T Aspinall
  • Year 2

    Mrs D Bierton & Mrs A McKay
    Mr G Munday
    Mr L Warwick
  • Key Stage Two

  • Lower KS2 Leader

    Mr P Boulton
  • Year 3

    Mr P Boulton
    Miss L Peevor
    Miss E Koe & Mrs A Cunnington
  • Year 4

    Mrs M Duncan & Mrs L Wood
    Mr Gatenby
    Mrs S Moralee & Mrs C Hughes
  • Upper KS2 Leader

    Miss E Bailey
  • Year 5

    Miss J Cory
    Mr D Robinson
  • Year 6

    Miss E Bailey
    Mrs S Gorman

    Mrs M Duncan
  • Child Protection Liaison Teacher/Officer

    Mrs M Stafford
  • Deputy Child Protection Liaison Teacher/Officers

    Mrs D Bierton
    Mr D Robinson
    Mrs S Winslow
  • HLTA

    Mrs C Mattocks
    Mrs R Scott
    Miss E Holliday
    Miss E Whitaker
  • Foundation

    Mrs L Mason
    Mrs R Khan
    Miss H Price
  • Y1, Y2 & Y3

    Mrs G Robinson
    Mrs B Turton
    Mrs C Greaves
    Mrs C Hibberd
    Miss J Bolsover
    Mrs S Clayton
    Mrs S Mitchell
    Mrs K Dowson
    Ms R Conroy
  • Y4, Y5 & Y6

    Mrs E Caster
    Miss M Mouchonnat
    Mrs D Muir
    Miss E Whitaker
  • Clerical Officers

    Mrs C Overton
    Mrs S Gregg
    Miss M Ord
  • Building Supervisor

    Mrs M Naylor
  • Cook

    Position Vacant
  • Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

    Mrs C Anderson
  • Lunch-time Supervisors

    Mrs P Thompson
    Mrs C Dhaliwal
    Mrs S Mohammed
    Mr M Kayani
    Mrs J Tomson
    Mr J Uddin
    Mrs L Gibson
  • Cleaning Staff

    Mrs C Anderson
    Mrs J Hinksman
    Mrs U Kayani
    Mrs L Gibson
    Miss L Howell
  • Crossing Warden

    Position Vacant
  • School Nurse

    Mrs J White
  • Educational Psychologist

    Mrs K Warham

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